BOH LAB also deals with the design and rendering of private homes, office spaces, commercial spaces, restaurants and outdoor spaces.

Render for arch. Santini, private villa, Mantua

Type of service: photorealistic rendering of a kitchen with island for a private villa located in Mantua.

Private apartment (Trentino, Italy)

Type of intervention: restyling of private home, with the application of the Black Concept Moodboard for the bedroom and the White Concept Moodboard for the living area. In this type of intervention, the customer requested the application of BOH LAB Moodboards with some customizations.

PRIMA LINEA IMMOBILIARE Srl (Pescantina, Italia)

Type of intervention: design of the interior spaces of an apartment in a residential context, for sale purposes. BOH LAB interpretation was to the use generic colors and textures without following a particular Moodboard, as it was expressly requested to create a generic combination on neutral tones.

Concept Bathroom

Concept Walldecor

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