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BOH LAB s.r.l. was registered at the Verona Chamber of Commerce on 22 July 2019. The idea was developed and implemented by the two founding partners Guido Rizzardo Tombetti and Francesco Gonzo during the last year of studies at the Istituto Design Palladio.

The startup is currently based at the TrentinoSviluppo Manifattura Project in Rovereto. The core business consists in the creation of eco-sustainable villages called BOH Village, built in natural places of high value, composed of green building structures.

Guido Rizzardo Tombetti

Francesco Gonzo

How was BOH Village born?

“During the last academic year, given the environmental situation and the disaster left by the storm Vaia, through our shared thesis path it became necessary for us to understand the shortcomings and carelessness towards the environment that led us to this” drastic ” climate change. Our mission is not based only on the creation of sustainable structures or the use of natural materials, but we also try to reach the hearts and lives of people.

Given the period of change we are going through, we have tried to create a project that would raise awareness in people to understand and feel the importance of nature and how essential it is to protect, respect and protect it. It is therefore not a question of eco-sustainable villages as an end in themselves but more of a “teaching path” aimed at understanding the importance of nature for all of us.

It is difficult to impose a change, it is better to help people to really understand the direct connections linked to the relationship between man and nature.”.

NEXT STEP – BOH Village, Val Calamento

“We are convinced that through this project we can give new life to this little-known valley with an unmatched natural value. The whole project will be carried out following the canons of green building and totally plastic free.

We are confident that this can be the progenitor of a series of similar initiatives proposed by our company in other natural places, in order to be able to spread this very important message for us on the role of nature and its importance for our life.

If a customer after having stayed in a BOH Village returns home with more awareness of the role and importance of nature for their well-being, learning to respect and protect it is an excellent step forward for us towards our natural “didactic” path of awareness raising. “

As parallel works, the BOH LAB guys also deal with the design and rendering of private homes, office spaces, commercial places, restaurants and outdoor spaces.

Work in progress

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